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My new IC-7600: 24 September 2010


Today saw the new radio being fired up and so far I am very pleased with the radio .


My first contact was with ZS5LA on 6m SSB.












New items for HF work station: July 2010


1)Recently replaced broadband dipole with the design by K3MT windom(OCFD) antenna using the 9:1 balun .



So far the antenna is working well in an East to West orientation . The plan is to replace my other antenna being the dedicated 40m dipole with the same design but perpendicular .The two antennas centres are displaced by about 40 m. The antennas will work through the coaxial switch in order to maximise the angle of incidence to various regions.


2)Recently got a long awaited arrival of a linear in the HF station .Yaesu FL-2100z – seems to be getting out very well .


3)My new radio is the Kenwood TS-570s which is a pleasure to use .


4)Added Timewave audio DSP model 59+ .Still to add the TX mute –parallel linear PTT contacts .




Ch6-UHF Kensington : 439-275 (-7.6 Mhz) 31\12\2009



Finally got to place the CH6 repeater back at Kensington site .

This repeater will cover in and around the new Mosis Mabida Soccer stadium in Durban central.

Please update the CTCSS tone to 88,5 hz encode/decode.


The pic controller is the great VK5DJ Pic controller which I have modified for my own workings, included are COS indicators and a dual alarm indication .


Thanks must go to John Drew , VK5DJ who has done a great service to all those using his code.


Here is the early stages of the micro Controller made on vero board and lacing twine .





Saber Battery repack /modification: Dec-2009


I decided to try something different when I repacked a few of my saber battery packs .


I added a small charging housing from an old ICOM type battery pack and this is the result .


This allows the use of the charger as well as a wall charger or cigarette charger as used for Icom radios .




Now the radio can trickle and get topped up wherever I go and one does not need to lug the big charger around .


See my new Cammo antenna at the bottom of this page.
  General information
I have moved residence so my new radio room is a 6 m x 3.6m wood constructed shack with a 1m balcony .So far the work has been slow and no external antennas in the sky .
Radio Shack during construction
My son MAC doing quality inspection.
Much is happening with perp work in order to have AC power supply to my radio room.
Electrical supply DB Board
Trench has AC supply plus ribbed conjugate carrying 4 RF feeders plus a LAN cable(for ATU use )
My current setup :I have been busy with the recent swap out for the Alverstone Repeater 145-600 Mhz to link Durban 24/7 with Pmb .The MSR-2000 is 100W continuous and it should provide good coverage from Alverstone High-Site.

UHF:Recently I have added a UHF PA to the Kloof Hub repeater .It is running at 65 Watts and reports have tended towards a great improvement on the old 3 Watts

So far there has been lots of work getting the radio room in order and there is no better time than when it is new –get it done properly the first time .

I have been involved in the radio / telecommunications field since leaving school .My work has taken me across many diverse radio systems and specialties .These include Microwave short /long haul (analogue and digital Base Bands.) , PCM systems ,analogue paging systems , two-way radio conventional / repeater systems, MPT 1327/1343 analogue trunked systems and much more.

I currently work for a GSM company in the technical operational side of the 2G/3G network. 


My Earthing Project:


Some pictures of my earthing project .


Above:Trench with 4RF cables in black conjugate and power in blue conjugate , 25mm earthing cable abd danger tape.



Internal gland plate for rf cables leading to trench.


15_12_2008 :


Completed next stage –bonded earth spikes together and route finished-25mm bonded to Single earth Point .



Notice I used double connectors on both spikes.



Photos to follow will be the cable entry from the floor through a bent Conjuate pipe onto the vertical cable try and onto the earth bar.

18 December 2008

For the antenna GURU’s I am indecisive to what wire antenna would best perform with these high trees and be wide band .


Boxing Day (26/12/2008) :


Run earthing (dual 16mm2)feeds from dB junction bus earthing bar to junction box containing 25mm2 earth feed from radio shack.


Heres the results so far :



Below dual earthing preparation .



The junction has two line-taps-I have not greased them due to the box being water –tight and I have added a good coat of grease to the seals.


============ End result of external junction:RF and earthing to the left and power to the right of the gutter downpipe.


Here is the beginning of the bus bar I put together on high voltage insulators for above the dB board.


End result .(I did not screw the wooden base to the rafters so I used cable ties instead .This way it could be mounted horizontal if I decide to change it for what-ever reason .)


Completed my dB :



Repeaters: Recent upgrade to the HUB repeater of the UHF star NATURN network has been completed and live .

The upgrade consisted of Tait series I repeater and a midlands 60Watt PA .

So far the audio has been changed to include the compressor .Reports on the changes have been positive .

The test bay at the site .


Upgrade to the ch3 is on the cards .I am in need of one sd1433 (10 Watt driver ) for the UHF tx to get the ch3 up and running .


CROSS-BAND : April 2009:



Full crossband home repeater: Had to go this route as it was the only way in order to have control as compared to the single CROSS-BAND.


This is in the rafters with its UHF antenna and VHF antenna totally sepertae and independent from the radio shack and my inside HF station.





Radio shack antenna : May 2009


Required an antenna for my radio shack and decided to camouflage the mast and antenna as much as possible in order to fit in with the surrounding foliage.

(1)   Cemented a 100mm steel 3 m pole ito the ground.(700mm deep)

(2)   Painted the cammo onto the 7m Fibre glass tapered pole .

(3)   Painted the cammo onto the Diamond dual band .

(4)   Ran two low loss feeders from Shack gland plate through centre of tapered mast .

(5)   The second feeder is for the future HF dipole for the shack.


The results have been a success with the mast not being that obvious .

Without the cammo it would have been a dominant feature ,but the project has been a success.




Below see the cammo Diamond:




Below close up of base of tapered fibre glass pole.


In the future I will possibly repaint the pole –BROWN in line with the colour of the wooden shack.

I have not painted the brackets as of yet .


May 2009: Completed feeder run from cammo mast to RF-Gland plate , then feeder run from Gland Plate to workbench .The cable ties are not all cut yet .





So far I have accessed PMB 14-700 repeater as well as the 145-750 repeater – swr meter indicates Antenna is good .Local repeaters – no problem .













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