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My opinions and views :

Please read but don’t take it too serious as we all are entitled to ones own point of view.


1)    dStar : My opinion is that the JARL made a serious error in their decision to go for a proprietary vocoder in the dstar protocol.

The point is that one could have given up a small portion of the digital side in order to get an open source platform and now many others that have excellent throughputs.


This has denied many experimentation in this field which has deceived the very purpose of self tuition.


Personally I feel this choice was more favoured to the adaptation of the vocoder in the commercial range of radios where the actual money will be recovered for R&D.

I am still to do some tests myself but am certain at this point that the iDAS and Nextedge are basically dStar with some firmware changes.We are seeing digital platforms across a wide range of radio communication products and this covers high end Military communications down to the license free radios – in the “race “ for a digital platform the Ham aim has been retarded.


I am more in favour of P25 at this point having tested my own equipment and that C4FM is just as good as dStar- in fact better for good reasons.

Having said this I decided to go with the dStar evolvement and have two ID-880 radios and have just installed a dStar repeater on UHF in our area.

At the end of the day one can spend time and energy fighting the decisions but the measure of such progress is a lost entity .


We have since found a cheap way to extend the range of the current dStar repeaters and this is exciting seeing that one does not require dedicated dStar resources /internet at each and every site .I hope others take on this challenge and provide coverage in areas where before it did not make sense due to cost .

See other pages for details on the crossbanding of dStar with my IC-2800.


2)I am disappointed in the design of dStar having a purely single mode operation .

As I mentioned P25 has a mixed mode which is really great for migration from analogue to digital .


3)Years down the line I still feel that the Amateur manufacturers could add RSSI voting as majority of the radios sold are used on some form of linked system .



My opinion on the use of cellphones in Ham radio:


 Today I have been experimenting with a ptt application called "Loudtalks" on the Blackberry.An awsome ptt application and the audio through the car kit is unbelievably loud and perfect.

This has broadcast channels availible and has open ended possabilities.

The way I see the future is that every Ham would be able to monitor their favourite reflector or repeater-being able to talk back is possible(with password for licensed hams.)

This has the capabilities of reaching every ham with a blackberry or Android and windows phone wherever they are in the world.

To go one step further the application is available for PC operation.

The future is here and this application can also use WIFI.

This means that all hams could monitor/future talkback from any internet connected system / or user-at any time- at work with earphones. The future of ham radio is the use of a cellphone unit.

The technology is here - together with the current dstar_allstar the listenership could be greatly increased.

Shopping centred and the like where there is no repeater coverage-access will be possible via loudtalks.

I am creating a channel for anyone that wants to test with me .











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