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History of Naturn









HISTORY : The history of the Naturn was in the making shortly after acquiring my first UHF radio. This was an ex-commercial Kenwood TK-810 .

In the greater Durban area there was only one uhf repeater with little or no activity on it at the best of times .During my travels to work every day I would call and call with little response.

Out of this frustration came for what I believe to have been a good result in the making.

The first uhf repeater found home at the Kloof Microwave tower where Ch1 exists today .This first stand alone repeater was the 434-650 (-1,6 Mhz ) which served well enough to start off with. This same machine is now the HUB repeater linking all the local repeaters together and is housed at the Alverstone HUB site.

Being up for the challenge we needed to expand the coverage and looked at ways to implement this .After looking at various methods to link more repeaters together I decided on what is as we know it today .A simple star network for UHF linked on UHF.

There are few systems like ours worldwide as the challenges for isolation is perhaps overstated by many repeater owners.

I have for many years kept all repeaters UHF and only now we are linking in one VHF repeater since IRLP .


IDEAL : My reasoning for the Naturn was to promote the use of spectrum in the uhf band as here in South Africa the band is underutilized .The idea of having many uhf repeaters would allow more members to carry portables with them throughout the day be it work or weekend .This has somewhat materialized .


Most of the members have only VHF equipment so we are hoping to get more activity on Naturn by the introduction of the VHF repeater.















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